“I have been deeply impressed by the devotion, high professional standards, care and warmth and individual attention that each student at the organization receives…and by its constant aspiration towards advancement and improvement – all carried out with the purpose of providing the best possible care to the students.”

Michal Hertzog, Wohl Foundation.


Ohel Sarah opened a new school in 2017 called Ze’adim, for children in year 1 with Cerebral Palsy, coupled with cognitive development delays, that we are looking to develop and expand.

Ze’adim provides care and specialist therapies for local children who would otherwise need to undergo a difficult journey to Jerusalem. Ohel Sarah is currently looking after 8 children, but we are looking to extend and improve the facilities. We would also like to fund specialised equipment such as wheelchairs, adjusted furniture which would be a huge benefit to the children. We would also like to incorporate various therapies – occupational, speech and language, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

By investing in the children’s potential in these early years, we have seen from experience, that it can have a really improve their quality of life.

We are looking for help in extending this programme – for more information please contact: info@ohel-sarah.org.uk