“I have been deeply impressed by the devotion, high professional standards, care and warmth and individual attention that each student at the organization receives…and by its constant aspiration towards advancement and improvement – all carried out with the purpose of providing the best possible care to the students.”

Michal Hertzog, Wohl Foundation.

Employment Training

The heart of our mission is to integrate our members into the community by teaching them the skills they need to succeed in the working world.

One of our biggest successes is Beit Batsheva – our employment center for 150 women with disabilities ages 21-70+. These women receive employment preparation so they are able to work in a wide range of suitable, salaried employment opportunities on site or in regular workplaces in the community with the support and supervision of our staff.

We want to increase the number of disabled women who work in the community in order to encourage social change and increase the women’s integration.

We would like to provide several women our Employment Centre with a more advanced, structured and professional training in these areas:

  1. Secretary (archives, phones & printing)
  2. Confectionary, baking and cooking
  3. Hospital Supportive staff
  4. Hairstyling and beauty care

Once completed, they will receive a recognized diploma and we will help them in find jobs in the open market. During their training, they will also begin an internship period with the support and supervision of our professional staff. Their process will be closely monitored by their respective staff.

We are looking for funds to give the women at our employment center this training.

This will mean a life of greater independence and inclusion. We are confident that this project will bring our women confidence, empowerment and progress.