“It is wonderful to see these women working and being involved in meaningful employment. I am a staunch believer that people with special needs deserve to feel like contributing individuals in the community. Ohel Sarah serves as an advocate for adults with disabilities and advances their right to take an active part in society”

Mr. Eli Dadon, Chairman of the Israel National Lottery.

“Thank you so much to everyone at Ohel Sarah for the amazing work that you do. It was an honor to see firsthand the projects and to meet your wonderful clients, children, adults and parents, and the very many people who give their time to make Ohel Sarah the wonderful place that it is. Kol Hakavod!”

Mrs. Celia Gould, spouse of former British Ambassador to Israel.

“Seeing young men working in nature is beautiful and inspiring! In this day and age, where technology suppresses man’s ability to really connect to his surroundings, I am impressed by Ohel Sarah’s encouragement of its students to appreciate and live nature.”

Mr. Chaim Messing, Chairman of the Jewish National Fund, Central Israel, during his visit to Ohel Sarah’s Therapy Greenhouse.

“I have been deeply impressed by the devotion, high professional standards, care and warmth and individual attention that each student at the organization receives…and by its constant aspiration towards advancement and improvement – all carried out with the purpose of providing the best possible care to the students.”

Michal Hertzog, Wohl Foundation.

What We Do

Ohel Sarah is dedicated to the care and development of over 650 children and adults with learning and physical disabilities in Israel. We offer continuous care every day of the year from the age of 6 until end of life. By providing schools, housing and employment centres – we aim to give our students crucial life skills and increase their confidence and independence. Our goal is to enable each person to integrate into mainstream life, whilst giving them support and love throughout their lives.


Ohel Sarah operates four schools for children aged 6-22 with various degrees of cognitive disabilities, often accompanied by behavioural and learning challenges. In all four schools, our professional staff of educators and therapists develop an Individual Learning Programme for each and every one of the students

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Our students graduate from school at the age of 21, and prepare to begin their adult lives. We give them the opportunity to gain employment and earn a monthly salary.

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Ohel Sarah operates a housing division with 35 apartments for supported living, 8 homes for married couples, providing housing for over 170 adults with cognitive disabilities. We have recently opened up a new home for boys aged 6+.

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