“Thank you so much to everyone at Ohel Sarah for the amazing work that you do. It was an honor to see firsthand the projects and to meet your wonderful clients, children, adults and parents, and the very many people who give their time to make Ohel Sarah the wonderful place that it is. Kol Hakavod!”

Mrs. Celia Gould, spouse of former British Ambassador to Israel.

“Seeing young men working in nature is beautiful and inspiring! In this day and age, where technology suppresses man’s ability to really connect to his surroundings, I am impressed by Ohel Sarah’s encouragement of its students to appreciate and live nature.”

Mr. Chaim Messing, Chairman of the Jewish National Fund, Central Israel, during his visit to Ohel Sarah’s Therapy Greenhouse.

“It is wonderful to see these women working and being involved in meaningful employment. I am a staunch believer that people with special needs deserve to feel like contributing individuals in the community. Ohel Sarah serves as an advocate for adults with disabilities and advances their right to take an active part in society”

Mr. Eli Dadon, Chairman of the Israel National Lottery.

“I have been deeply impressed by the devotion, high professional standards, care and warmth and individual attention that each student at the organization receives…and by its constant aspiration towards advancement and improvement – all carried out with the purpose of providing the best possible care to the students.”

Michal Hertzog, Wohl Foundation.


The educational programmes we provide at our schools include basic subjects such as reading and maths, computers, Jewish studies, and a wide range of therapies, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, speech therapy, music and art therapy.

All schools incorporate the Alternative Augmentative Communication method which based on symbols. This method was created specifically for Ohel Sarah and is used by all students from the age of six. The children can express themselves easily and conveniently with the help of their personalized symbol charts, and share an open channel of communication with their teachers and surroundings. Transportation to and from the schools is provided by the Municipality. The schools receive partial funding from the Education Ministry.

We use the latest technology to help our students. A successful programme using IPads has revolutionised communication, especially for children who have speech and communication disabilities. The TouchChat app enables children to communicate – often for the first time.

Beit Chanoch – caters for 76 boys ages 6-14 with mild to moderate cognitive disabilities.

Beit Shai – caters for 43 boys ages 14-21 with mild to moderate cognitive disabilities.

Gesharim – caters for 120 girls ages 6-21 with mild to moderate cognitive disabilities.

The Wohl Centre – caters to 45 boys and girls ages 6-21 with moderate, severe and complex cognitive disabilities.

If you would like any more information about any of these schools, please email info@ohel-sarah.org.uk